Trick! Retreat​!​- feat. Rubix

by Twizzie

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Produced by 2deep Productions
Artwork by Donserate
Written & Performed by Twizzie & Rubix
recorded @ The Dirty Bazement studio
Mixed/Mastered by Twizzie

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(verse1 Rubix)
my style'll travel thru the darkness like a dozen bats
go and retreat- back into the pumpkin patch
you little rats think you spittin nice?
ill take your life then ill laugh at your corpse like i was Vincent Price
equip a knife, im slashin up your little face
step to my place ill drop a grenade in your pillow case
so give it up I want the candy
Vorheez steez, ill make you bleed from your meat like you Andy
you cant stand me, im like a horrifying nightmare
recite prayers til you growin out the white hair
ill get you buzzed like lightyear
and make you wanna abort your mission like the child that you might bare
i might scare spittin flames like im heavy blazin
ill fuck the white lady but no shes not caucasian
shes eatin brains like its porn head
and like big L said you cant kill me i was born dead

Dontchu get it Im sick as fuck/ For Candy I'll stick em up/
Women and Kids so what/ I don't give a titty fuck..
Trick! Retreat! This is my life, its my life...

(verse2 Rubix)
(Verse2 Twizzie)
Suckas with em morbid raps, leme walk ya thru/
Claim ya mike myers, with rhymes like Dr. suess
- Im bored with fools. please give me violence/
The games fucked like an 8 year old dressed as Miley Cyrus
So cmon' pass the doobie/ We get it cookin, Rattatoulie/
Bout to turn ya real life to a slasher movie.
In no directed skit, its ova red and vodka/
In my scene, kill errthang leaving no survivors.

(Verse 3 Twizzie)
Im headstrong/ respects gone/ get goin/ when the techs drawn/
For thinkin its a false alarm you'll be dead wrong.
- Why ya wna cross a lunatic/
Thas ludacris/ I get angry start spillin blood over some stupid shit.
I do em dirty, Get graphic with the detail/
Fo real Im the son of the devil's son, Big L.
-- The sluts come out at night of October 31st/
Nurses, maids, peek outside to quench ya thirst.
Think they freaky I got moves, dontchu see that Im Insane.
Bitches call me frankenstein, IM chasin to get Brain.
Kids, I aint playin games/ Im comin for that sugar/
Trick or treat? take your pick, the pill or the hooker?
Go with random college kids, to some house party/
Slip on the Jason mask start slashin errbody.
Dontchu get it im sick!/ Im psycho/ I might go /
do lipo/ on an anorexic bitch lookin like geico.


released October 29, 2013



all rights reserved