Fire Squad (remix) - J​.​Cole

by Twizzie

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My last release of 2014! Half written, recorded and mixed in under 3 hrs. Still nice, wanted to get one more out before the end of the year.


Performed/Written/engineered by Twizzie Ramos
Photo/edit by Cholo

Instagram @ Datfliptwizzie


Homie how you think that you can flow/
I would only ride with ya, If you show me you can grow.
Kid be always askin me for my time/
If I aint heard ya new new u act like its a crime.
Man why yo stay swaggin like a bitch?
Ya be forcin your shit, like thas how you gon get rich.
Maybe yous a bit insecure?/
If so then I aint got ur cure.

(Verse 1)
I repeat myself, askin what them prayers fo/
Life's a bitch, she aint changed she that same ho/
Sometimes I get back to the cave lay low/
Tryna get that real money, while they play dough.
This aint what I came fo..
Suckas rappin bout how the blast tools/
Till they get droped like the phone during bad news.
This one I doodled, so I'd have somethin new/
Still cray. My rhymin noodles, like Japanese soup

(Verse 2)
Kraziness, that takes me back to 06/
Aint none of you was around to hear that old shit/
which is cool, cuz most dont bother listen twice/
First impression so stamp. I'm jus livin life...
This is soul not mathamatics/ I don see why they get so dramatic/
jus becuz Im not the golden age fanatic..
Chill, that dont make me Im a lesser fan, lesser man/
cuz I aint fit within your lesson plan...
I rush in for the Ice (russian), no kovalchuk/
A machine of a man like Robocop/
Ya shoulder pop, If a get a lock on ya/
That'll be the FIN I bring I'm Tom Sawyer.
Put the cash down homie, ya can't buy my respect/
Aint no seth movie outchyea ya could DIE IN THE WEST!
Send ya boys out and you be pickin up heads/
High school I was slick with the dreads, still sick in the head.

(Verse 3)
Ya dont know me too much/ Im too rough/ without thinkin twice
I'll eat ya food up/ True nuff.
If I was high profile, Id be wildin too/
They comin into battle rap today, soundin like 92.
Hol the heat like a blowdryer?
With shit like that how u claim ya flow fire/ ya cold sire...
Boys will fuck me up but now they hesitant/
Cuz they know my boys STRAPPED ready to BANG like a lesbian..
pause.. What my ninjas want for xmas?/
Shit Im broke How bout I drop a verse thas expensive.
Mam, I aint no saint always carryin a cross/
Instead of walkin Id rather be on chariot & horses...
Not to say I choose the easy way. Short cuts.
no halley berrie/ Instead I chose the smarter way/
the prince machavelli.
Emo bloggin days, like somebody could die/


released January 21, 2015
Instagram @ Datfliptwizzie

Performed/Written/engineered by Twizzie Ramos
Photo/edit by Cholo



all rights reserved